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Shards of honor

Shards of honor / Lois McMaster Bujold. Originally published 1986.

I first read Shards of honor in 2012, after several years of resisting the Vorkosigan saga because it looked too much like the David Weber Honor Harrington novels. Bad cover art is a great way to keep me away from books, and the cover art for the Vorkosigan books is overwhelmingly terrible. I kept hearing about how good they were, so one day while at the library I decided to check the series out. When seeking out a new author, I have a tendency to immediately read the earliest book available. I do the same thing with music. This probably means I miss out on great authors whose first novels were somewhat weak, but I’ve tried to keep that in mind to avoid this problem.

Brief plot description

(This should be mostly spoiler-free; I’m not revealing anything here that isn’t within the first chapter or two)

Shards of honor is a hybrid space opera/romance novel, about a ship’s captain who finds herself stranded on an unexplored world in the middle of a warzone. Forced to cooperate with a notorious war criminal from the other side, they attempt to survive long enough to get off planet and return to their homes.

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