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The Vor game

The Vor game / Lois McMaster Bujold. Originally published 1990.

The Vor game is the second of the Miles Vorkosigan novels by internal chronology. It serves as the jumping off point for Miles’s career in milititary intelligence where he will serve for about the next decade. It is also the last novel to keep the more action-oriented fast-paced plot style of The warrior’s apprentice. It also won the Hugo award for best novel, so that’s something.

As usual, I encourage you to ignore Amazon’s method of numbering the series, which apparently counts novellas and short stories as full volumes.

Brief plot description

(Possible minor spoilers for the previous volumes)

The plot of The Vor game is split into two main sections, one based on Barrayar and one with a more interplanetary setting.

Miles Vorkosigan has just successfully graduated from the Imperial Academy and is reaady to get his first shipboard assignment. Unfortunately for him, he ends up the weather officer at a remote arctic infantry training camp staffed by bigoted alcoholics.

The second section follows Miles in his first assignment as part of Impsec. He quickly discovers that his supervising agent has no faith whatsoever in him, and after a run in with the Dendarii Free Mercenaries Miles is forced to re-activate his Admiral Naismith persona in an attempt to rescue an important Barrayaran and prevent an interstellar war.

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