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The sword of truth

In a dramatic shift in setting, I’m now going to take a look at an author who’s either the Heinlein of epic fantasy or its Ayn Rand, Terry Goodkind, and his Sword of truth series.

Wizard’s first rule / Terry Goodkind.

The sword of truth series (occasionally also known as the “Richard and Kahlan books”) is the sine qua non of libertarian fantasy fiction. As with Heinlein, Goodkind’s work is strong enough to be enjoyed by those who don’t share their political proclivities. That being said, as the series goes on, Goodkind’s work becomes increasingly polemical and the actions taken by the characters become increasingly difficult to justify. By the end, it’s less Heinlein and more Ayn Rand.

Brief plot summary

Richard Cypher is a woosdman lives in the Westland, a land without magic kept partitioned from the magical Midlands by a supernatural barrier. After rescuing a mysterious young woman from a group of assassins, he becomes involved in a quest that will reveal the secrets of his heritage and determine the fate of the world.

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