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Children of the dragon nimbus

The silent dragon / Irene Radford

The silent dragon is the first book I read by this author, but it’s actually the 11th book set in this world. As a result, I had an experience kind of similar to when I read the Traitor spy trilogy. There was a lot I didn’t understand right away, but that actually served to make me enjoy the series more as it presented a more real seeming world.

Brief plot summary

Glenndon is an apprentice magician who has never spoken aloud. Throat injured by a childhood illness, he refuses to speak and communicates solely via telepathy. Growing up at the Forest University among dragons and other magicians meant that it was always possible to communicate with those around him without speech.

When Glenndon discovers he is actually the illegitimate child of the king and gets taken off to the capital, everything changes. Finding himself in a world where magic was until recently viewed with distrust at best he is forced to learn to function in a completely new society.

Things are further complicated by the reappearance of the dragon’s hated enemy, the Krakatrice. Bent on turning everything around them into desert, the krakatrice can only be fought by magicians. Glenndon and his half-sister, the princess Linda, must team up to discover who has been smuggling in the krakatrice eggs and stop them.

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