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Planet X

I need to preface this post by saying yes this book actually exists and no I have no idea who thought it would be a good idea
Planet X / Michael Jan Friedman

Seeing the author’s name you may or may not have an idea what this book is, if you aren’t familiar with the title.

But here’s what it is:

A Star Trek TNG novel featuring THE X-MEN.

This was a real book, published by Simon & Schuster, and sold to real people, who presumably bought it.

I found it on the shelf at the library where I worked at the time and had to read it, if only to provide circulation statistics and keep this weird masterpiece on the shelves. It appears to have been donated to the library booksale and some weird selector (not me) decided to keep it in the collection.

And now I’m going to share it’s glory with you.

Brief plot summary

So, there’s like, the X-Men, right? And they’re all like WHOO WE HAVE SUPER MUTANT POWERS!

And then there’s like, the cast of the Enterprise and they’re all like LET US GO EXPLORE MAKE IT SO ENGAGE.

There’s also this totally awesome planet whose name is Xhaldia (I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be pronounced “Liefeld“) and, like, some of the people there keep changing in mysterious and bizarre ways… one could almost call them MUTANTS?

In a shocking twist, the mutated natives of Xhaldia are treated with fear and distrust by their “normal” brethren. Obviously this is a job too big for the Enterprise crew to handle, but luckily a random assortment of X-Men have somehow been teleported into the Star Trek universe to use their special brand of 1990s comic book diplomacy to solve this problem.

Did I mention that this is not the first time that the crew of the Enterprise has encountered the X-Men?

Yeah. The Enterprise crew was transported into the world of the X-Men in a miniseries called SECOND CONTACT that I have never read but it was written by Dan Abnett, better known as the author of approximately 50,000 Warhammer 40K novels and also that unsuccessful movie from this past summer, Guardians of the galaxy.

There are also several jokes about how Professor X looks so much like Captain Picard. Here’s the twist: this book was published in 1998, two years before Patrick Stewart (who played Captain Picard on Star Trek TNG as if you didn’t actually know that) would play Professor X in the 2000 live action X-Men movie.*

So not only does this book have THE MOST AMAZING SETUP EVER it also accurately predicts the future.

*Wikipedia tells me he was approached by Singer in 1997 so maybe Friedman had inside knowledge but that’s less fun.

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Redshirts / John Scalzi. Originally published 2012

Redshirts is a humorous sf novel by former SFWA head John Scalzi. It’s also the first Hugo award winner I managed to read before it actually won the award, so that made me feel special.

The premise of the book is fairly evident from the title, but I’ll throw together an extra-brief plot summary.

Extra-brief plot summary

On a ship suspiciously reminiscent of something out of the original Star Trek TV show, a group of ensigns realize that whenever one of them goes on an away team with a member of the bridge crew they won’t be coming back.

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