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The scar

The scar / Sergey and Marina Dyachenko 

The scar, first published in Russia in 1996, is a capital-L Literary fantasy novel. The authors use a secondary world to avoid having to confront strict historical realism à la K.J. Parker, tell a story that owes more to Tolstoy or Chekhov than it does Tolkein.

I read the Elinor Huntington translation, which is as far as I can tell the only English translation of this work.

Brief plot summary

Egert Soll is a wealthy soldier in a highly militaristic society. Arrogant to the extreme, he goes through life taking what he wants and generally scoffing at anyone weaker or less priviledged.

All this changes when, in an attempt to seduce a woman, Egert kills a young scholar in a one-sided duel. A mysterious wanderer, witnessing this, challenges Egert to a duel and leaves Egert with a deep facial scar and, apparently, a mysterious curse.

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