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On Basilisk station

On Basilisk station / David Weber. Originally published 1993.

The Honor Harrington series, of which On Basilisk station is the first, is essentially Horatio Hornblower in space. Complementing the previous entry, On Basilisk station is thematically and plotwise nearly identical to Beat to quarters/The happy return. I initially checked it out, despite the terrible cover art on every single on of David Weber’s novels (seriously, Baen. What is wrong with your marketing department?), because it seemed to combine my love of naval novels with my love of science fiction.* The fact that the main character is accompanied by a psychic cat certainly helped as well.

*Considering that The wrath of Kahn director Nicolas Meyer was attempting to recreate Horatio Hornblower in space, it’s a combination that seems to work well.

Brief plot description

(Spoiler free)

Horatio Hornblower Honor Harrington is captain of the frigate HMS Lydia cruiser Fearless, tasked with defending a remote outpost of the British Empire Star Kingdom of Manticore. The perfidious government of France The People’s Republic of Haven is attempting create an excuse to annex the outpost in order to bolster their economy. Continue reading On Basilisk station