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Borders of infinity

The borders of infinity / Lois McMaster Bujold.

It’s been a while since I did a Vorkosigan review, so here’s another one.

Borders of infinity is a collection of three novellas bound together by a frame story. The novellas themselves have since been republished in the other omnibus editions of the Vorkosigan saga, but the frame story hasn’t. As a result, I kind of prefer this version.

Brief plot summary

Frame story: Miles is hospitalized, recovering from injuries incurred on a recent mission as well as surgery to have his fragile arm bones replaced with synthetics. Head of Impsec Simon Illyan interviews Miles regarding his recent expenses as his father is under suspicion of misusing imperial funds.

Mountains of mourning: set between The warrior’s apprentice and The Vor game, Mountains of mourning features a young Miles charged by his father with investigating the death of an infant in the backwards rural part of his holdings, where deep-seated prejudices against “mutants” are still strong.

Labyrinth: Taking place some time after Cetaganda, Labyrinth features Miles in his Admiral Naismith persona, charged with extricating a genetic engineer from the unscrupulous crime families of Jackson’s Whole. Unfortunately, the scientist refuses to leave unless Miles can also rescue his “samples”.

Borders of infinity: Miles is tasked with engineering a breakout in a prisoner of war camp.

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