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Dead harvest/The wrong goodbye

Dead harvest / Chris F. Holm

The wrong goodbye / Chris F. Holm

Why do I keep reading Angry Robot books again?

I’m doing these two books as a two-fer ’cause that’s how I feel like doing them today.

Dead harvest and The wrong goodbye are a pair of contemporary fantasy novels about a noir-style hardboiled grim reaper. It’s an interesting premise, and the cover art is certainly eye-catching in that it evokes that old-school pulp style. Apparently there’s a third one now (The big wreap) but I haven’t read it and don’t really plan on reading it unless somebody asks me to do so for this blog.

Some background on the publisher

I’m going to end up reviewing more than a few books from Angry Robot and I feel like it’s worth mentioning something about them as a publishing house. Angry Robot is a relatively small UK-based publisher of weird fiction. They are supported by an extensive guerrilla marketing apparatus, and the library where I worked at the time seemed to acquire pretty much their entire catalog.

I’ve read close to a dozen books published by Angry Robot so far, and to be honest I haven’t generally been “wowed” by them. Still, their marketing is incredibly effective on me and I find myself continuously picking up books by this publisher. The only other publisher that markets to me as effectively is Orbit. Tor and Baen are probably tied for third but that’s chiefly because that’s where many of my favorite authors are.

Back to the books in question: plot

If you recognize the source of the titles (Red harvest and The long goodbye), it’s pretty close to what you’d expect.

Sam Thornton was once  a living human who sold his soul. Now he is a collector, a disembodied spirit that possesses the recently deceased in order to collect the souls of the damned and send them to Hell. Upon being tasked with collecting the soul of a young woman he believes to be innocent, Thornton decides to rebel against his masters in an act that threatens the balance between Heaven and Hell.

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