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The night angel trilogy

The way of shadows / Brent Weeks

The night angel trilogy (although apparently there’s a fourth one now?) is a series I mentioned way back in my review of The warded man (which recently became the most-viewed post I have done to date).

I haven’t written a post focusing on it for some time, partially because other titles have taken priority but mostly because I don’t really know where to go with this one.

So I’m going to do my best and address the issues with this series as well as I can.

Plot summary

Azoth is an orphan, constantly struggling to get enough to eat while appeasing the “bigs” of his guild and protecting his two friends, Jarl and Doll Girl. When he encounters legendary killer for hire Durzo Blint, he sees an opportunity to bring himself out of poverty and finally establish some measure of control over his life.

Azoth goes to great lengths to convince Durzo to take him on as an apprentice killer, but in legendarily corrupt Cenaria, everyone has an ulterior motive.

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