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Bedlam / Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo. Began publication in 2012

Bedlam is a creator-owned thriller series from Image comics. I came across it when my wonderful spouse (who is not into the genre in the slightest) picked it up thinking I would be interested. I went into Bedlam with no expectations whatsoever, having never heard anything about the series. I’ll note right here that it’s incredibly violent, although less explicit than The boys.

Since the series is still being published, this review is based on the first two trade paperback volumes.

Brief plot description

(not really any spoilers but the exact premise isn’t exactly revealed right away)

Fillmore Press is a slightly unstable pacifist who wants to help make the world a better place. In the first volume, he does this by attempting to assist the police in their hunt for a serial killer using his special skills and knowledge. Press was previously (unbeknownst to the world at large) known as “Madder Red”, a serial killer who terrorized the city of Bedlam and had a death toll that reached four figures before his apparent death. In actuality, Press was detained by an underground psychiatrist and eventually rehabilitated before being released to live on his own.  Continue reading Bedlam