Urban fantasy bonanza : introduction

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’ve mostly been reading urban/contemporary fantasy lately. Since it’s fairly fresh I figured I’d collocate these reviews for easy comparison. Some of the posts I’ve already written about books in the genre are going to be retroactively added to the series, but I’ll be writing all-new posts for each series and/or book.


Here’s a preview of what I’ll be doing, in no particular order:

The InCryptid novels by Séanan McGuire – After reading all of the October Daye books I decided to move on to these. They’re interesting, but I think I like the October Daye series better.

Black wings by Christina Henry – The protagonist is a grim reaper/landlord. Interesting premise but the writing didn’t really grab me.

Ghost of a chance by Simon R. Green – This book was laughably bad.

Doppelgangster by Laura Resnick – Not a great work of literature but fun in a ridiculous kind of way. I realize that this isn’t the first in the series but for some reason urban fantasy and historical romance publishers LOVE to make it as hard as possible to figure out which book is actually the first.

Gregor the overlander by Suzanne Collins – this book made absolutely no impression on me.

The hum and the shiver by Alex Bledsoe – This one was REALLY good although the “twist” was pretty obvious from page 1.

Singer of souls by Adam Stemple – I’ve brought this one up before – a good story brought down by a horrifying ending.

Nightlife by Rob Thurman – This book was straight-up terrible.

The Golgotham series by Nancy A. Collins – Not a terrible series, it had its ups and downs but I actually read the whole thing.

Half-resurrection blues by Daniel José Older – Can’t wait for more.

The iron hunt by Marjorie M. Liu – I’m on the fence about this one. The second book in the series is the next one in my queue so maybe I’ll have stronger opinions after that.

The black London series by Caitlin Kittredge – It’s decent, but borrows way too much from the early Hellblazer stories.

Dying bites by D.D. Barant – Tonal whiplash all through this one. Not sure if I’ll read more.

Magic to the bone by Devon Monk – a more unique premise than most of the ones on this list, I’ll be checking out the next one in the series the next time I’m at the library. [Update: the only book in the series that my library doesn’t have is the second one.]

Dead to me by Anton Strout – Haven’t read this yet, it’s in my queue after the sequel to The iron hunt. [Update: enjoyable]


So that’s the preliminary booklist. It’s possible I’ll add more eventually. It’s also possible that I’ll end up doing some  other genre stuff in between so it doesn’t get too monotonous.


[Updated to add the following]

Spider’s bite by Jennifer Estep – incredibly violent but I’m still going to check out the sequel




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