Search term frenzy

So as a change of pace, I figured I’d take a look at what search terms are getting people here. Note that this is pretty much just people using Bing, since I can’t actually see what search terms people who get here from Google are using.

These are the most popular terms as of the beginning of this month.

After my username, the most popular search term is “stand on zanzibar predictions” which is okay I guess… it’s probably why my Stand on Zanzibar review is the most popular post I’ve written thusfar. It’s a popular topic and there are approximately 10,000,000 sites out there talking about the relative accuracy of Brunner’s predictions, so I guess I feel flattered that they’re ending up here?

Next most common search string is “hyperbole in maze runner series“. Considering the number of hits I’m getting for this exact phrase, I’m guessing that some teacher out there has assigned their students an essay about Dashner’s use of hyperbole. Unfortunately that’s not going to be helpful since my review makes no mention of hyperbole whatsoever. Anyways, hyperbole is literally the worst device an author could POSSIBLY use and it’s obviously a sympton of poor writing skills.

The next few terms are all pretty similar:
the maze runner seems stupid

who else hated the mazerunner

maze runner makes no sense


Then there are a series of straight title searches, which aren’t interesting. At the bottom of the cluster we have “reader’s advisory predictions” (hey, that’s actually what this is blog “supposed” to be for!) “bloody mary wekneess” (I have no idea) “Terry brooks parental advisory” (not necessary) and “similarities between the maze runner and the hunger games” (not really that many).


With so many Maze runner-related search terms you’d think that it would be one of the more popular posts. It’s in the top 10, but the number of hits it gets isn’t really proportional to the percentage of search terms including it that lead here.


Yes, this post has been shameless filler. Some things in my personal life have temporarily reduced the amount of time I have to write blog posts and my buffer has suffered.


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